The Unaddressed (2009)

The Unaddressed focuses on the under-housed, giving voice to their personal opinions. By photographing subjects holding a cardboard sign that announces their concerns, the project challenges preconceived notions of homelessness. Working against the minimal exchange between the homeless and passers-by, the images use the trope of the panhandling sign to disclose messages usually ignored or unspoken. The Unaddressed was a public installation at the 2009 Contact Photography Festival and was commissioned by the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) as part of Housepaint II: Shelter.

Charles Edmunds
Homeless Does Not Mean Dirty
Amanda St Michel
Andrew Thomas
The System Is Broken… I Am Not
For Me This Was Not A Choice
For Me This Was Not A Choice – ROM
Daniel Dempster
Daniel Powell
I Want A Place To Call My Own
Jennifer Ford
People Hear Disaster
Krystle Lee
Don’t Judge Me By My Appearance
Krystle Lee
Leslie Morrison
Stop Giving Handouts To The Rich
Stop Giving Handouts To The Rich
Ready To Hit The Streets
Martin Beebe
I’d Rather Beg Than Steal
I’d Rather Beg Than Steal – After
I’d Rather Beg Than Steal -After
Michael Manitowabie
If Thou Shalt Not Give
Philip Sheldrick
Know When To Stop If Not Keep On Going
Ron Craven
Don’t You Dare Deny My Existence
Lisa Fischer – Studio Session
Lisa Fischer
Just Because You Think You Know Where I’ve Been
Tanner Both
The Humble Merely Survive
Tony Clemens
We May Beg For Change But Were Not Stupid
We May Beg For Change But Were Not Stupid
Traci Noble
Without ID – ROM
Without ID
Without ID – After
Wayne Hasle
Everybody Deserves Respect
William – ROM
Without A Phone Number
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