///re-ply\\\ Phase 2: Construction Begins May 2016 (2015)

For this commission by the Koffler Gallery, I re-imagined a contemporary Sukkah: which is a temporary outdoor hut built for one week and in which it is customary for families to share meals during the annual Jewish holiday of Sukkot. The sukkah was installed in Toronto’s Nathan Phillips Square as part of Sukkahville 2015 and I took inspiration from micro condos, tree houses, condo sales presentation model suites and the universal family holiday tradition of the “kids table”. Basically this is the sukkah for the kids to play and eat in when you celebrate the holiday at your home. Built with framing lumber and condo sandwich board A-Frame advertisements, the work is also infused with the language of land development promotional text and through the deficiencies in the build is a comment on the poor craftsmanship of today’s modern residential skyscrapers.

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