Accord (2017)

Accord is a mural project I painted with Gabriel Specter, whose content emerged from conversations we had with Old Ottawa East community members about the architectural history and future of the area. Through our consultation process, we heard Old Ottawa East described as a garden community and learned how the Rideau River and the Canal are the defining geographic elements of this part of the city. The mural on the West wall (above) uses plant and flower imagery embedded in cube-like structures that are one-half sustainable mid rise tower block and one-half planter box. The East wall’s mural also features plant and flower imagery but within the shape of a wave. Both murals prominently feature the negative space of the bridge’s bare wall as part of their design. This turns the bridge into a textural and compositional element while hinting at the importance of bridges to Old Ottawa East as it was once an island inside the larger city.

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